• 7We are not affiliated in anyway to the local meteorological office (SVG MET OFFICE) or the National Emergency Management Offce (NEMO),our correspondents are all volunteers with a keen interest in weather observation and reporting
  • During the hurricane season we will post on any impending system whether it being rain making tropical wave or storm/hurricane,in this case we will relay  information provided by local authorities and observations from accross the island chain
  • Information provided on this site are Free for all  and for personal / non commercial  use only ,this information should not be  misused in anyway beyond its intended purpose!
  • SVG Weather info does not operate weather observation equipment and  all data presented are gathered from official agencies,therefore all observations and satellite imagery/Data used on this site are the property of their rightful owners.
  • This site should not be used for any other purpose than for which it was put on line,information should not be used from this website to mislead the general public in any way
  • In cases of national emergencies where information is not available on this site from weather officials,you are advised to listen to local radio for bulletins from the relevant authorities.Do not listen to rumours!
  • You are free to share information posted here with your friends via face-book or other  social networks or in anyway,please remember to give us credit for it!


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